Hair Loss

Hair Fall

Hair Loss   Nature and society dictate that a person should have a head full of healthy hair which is no surprise that hair loss brings about a heightened level of insecurity in so many. People consider their hair as their crowning glory and this is the very reason why, every year, manufacturers come up […]


Hair Loss Products: What’s Hot, What’s Not And How You Can Discern What Really Works

hair loss products

Hair Loss Products:  What Really Works       With today’s influx of technological advancements, are there any hair loss products that can now finally promise a cure? Hair loss, as science already explained, has a lot of causes – there’s poor diet, pollution, medication, genetics and a lot more. Over styling or too much […]


How To Cure Hair Loss

How to Cure Hair Loss

Is There A Way To Cure Hair Loss       Those of us who have this issue are looking for the truth, if it can be fixed tell me how. If I can’t regrow hair then all I want to know is that so I can get on with life. “Hair Loss SymptomsLeadership NewspapersIf […]


Laser Hair Loss Treatment: The Zero Risk Alternative

Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Laser Hair Loss Treatment       Hair loss management has gone a long way from its medieval days of home remedies and superstitions; now, people can look forward to technological advancements such as the laser hair loss treatment. Medical experts and other professionals have joined hands in coming up with solutions for alopecia, these come in […]


Is It Really Possible to Cure Hair Loss?

Cure Hair Loss

Is It Really Possible to Cure Hair Loss?         Any man or woman who stares in the mirror and sees an older reflection staring back is bound to ask if there really is something that can cure hair loss. Though there are no known cures, only treatments, the great news is that […]


Hair Loss Causes in Men, Women and Children (And What To Do About Them)

what causes loss of hair

Hair Loss Causes in Men, Women and Children        Back in the day, acceptance is the only option for hair loss patients; but nowadays, with hair loss causes defined, almost every patient longs to have thick, healthy hair once more. There has been an increase in the recorded causes for hair loss and […]


Hair Loss in Men: Definition, Causes and Treatments

hair loss in men

Hair Loss in Men         Hair loss in men is quite a common problem in the U.S., with approximately 65% of males suffering from it by the time they are 60 or older. It generally begins with just a few hair strands falling off which gradually develops into thinning hair followed by […]


Hair Loss in Women – Learn the Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in Women                           Hair loss in women is often compared to androgenetic alopecia in men but it is unlike its male counterpart for so many reasons. It also transpires for different reasons. To begin with, women look at their hair as […]


Finding the Perfect Hair Loss Treatment

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment     For many people, hair loss treatment is not an immediate concern as baldness occurs much later in their lives. There is no known cure as of date but there are a number of treatment options in the market today that can effectively reduce or stop hair loss. Some can even […]


Stocking Up On Vitamins for Hair Loss

what vitamins are good for hair loss

Vitamins for Hair Loss     At some point in time, more so when you realize that you are losing hair more than you should; you will realize the importance of vitamins for hair loss. It is quite rare for men (and women) to get to the age of 50 and still have the same […]


How to Prevent Hair Loss: The Most Practical Tips To Consider

how to prevent hair loss naturally

How to Prevent Hair Loss     Many people realize that it is important to learn how to prevent how to prevent hair loss. Others, unfortunately, realize this when it is already too late. Many ancient civilizations have realized from the outset that learning how to prevent thinning hair is as easy as behaving and […]


How To Regrow Hair, Simple Stress Free Tips

How To Regrow Hair Many men and women believe that once hair is lost, it is gone forever. If you are one of these folks, you will be happy to know that this just is not true. When considering how to regrow hair, there are lots of simple, easy, affordable options to choose from. In […]


Laser Hair Therapy – Could You Fall In Love With Your Locks All Over Again?

Laser Hair Therapy     What do you see when you take a look at yourself in the mirror? Perhaps you wish        you were a few inches taller…. or shorter? Maybe you’d like to see a few kilos off…. or on? Or is it those dark circles under your eyes, tired looking […]

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