Hair Loss Products: What’s Hot, What’s Not And How You Can Discern What Really Works

Hair Loss Products:  What Really Works  


hair loss products

Thousands of hair loss products, which one is right for you?


With today’s influx of technological advancements, are there any hair loss products that can now finally promise a cure? Hair loss, as science already explained, has a lot of causes – there’s poor diet, pollution, medication, genetics and a lot more. Over styling or too much coloring could also lead to the loss of hair. With all these reasons for hair loss, one might ask what the permanent solution is for hair loss (if there is any)?


The thing with hair loss is that there is no cure for it but there are now hordes of hair loss products that flood the market whether these are brick and mortar stores or the Internet. These bottled creams, shampoos, conditioners, serums and such are there; all promising a head full of hair with continuous use – and minus the ouch. While there are many non-surgical solutions for hair loss nowadays, still, you would want to choose from an array of the best hair loss products, right?


The great news is, there is hope for your thinning hair. Manufacturers of hair loss products have laboratories and factories that produced the solutions that many have just been wishing for in the past. But with hundreds of different brands and products in the market, the question now is, how do you choose the best hair loss products out there? Will you just use the same bottle of hair regrower that your uncle claims to be effective? Or will you take the time to research about the scientific terms used to describe each ingredient?


Miss Peneau from the House of L’Oréal pointed out that the use of medicinal products is not the lone solution for the loss of hair density. According to her, we are now at an age when cosmetic products are highly accepted as an answer to hair loss. Surgery and prescribed medications are no longer the only solutions to hair loss.


Cosmetic hair loss products are also known to be much more affordable, most are available over the counter, and with continued use; they may even bring back the thickness and health of your hair.

If you want solutions today, here are a few tips on how to not be conned into picking ineffective thinning hair products –


  • The most excellent products for hair loss have raving reviews online. Take the time to read each brand that you encounter and make a short list of the ones that have transparent clinical trials and positive results. Clinical trials prove that the product is safe to use. See if you can also get in touch with the people who have actually used the products. Make a list of the pros and cons and then weigh your decision based on this list. The brand name of a hair loss product should not be your only basis for making that important choice, neither should the price.


  • Surgical hair restoration can be very painful so sit down and talk to your doctor. Ask why you are losing hair excessively. Only when you know what is the underlying cause for your hair loss would the doctor be able to provide a cosmetic solution that suits you. Without proper diagnosis, you might end up buying a product that could aggravate your current hair loss rate.


  • See if natural hair loss products can work for you. Products that contain natural ingredients will always be best especially for people with sensitive scalp. Natural ingredients such as saw palmetto and some essential oils like jojoba are DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inhibitors, meaning, they can stop the production of the leading hormone that causes male-pattern baldness.


  • See if the company that manufactured any of these products for hair loss have already earned awards or recognitions. The more recognitions that a company has received, the more rest assured you should be as these are glaring proofs that the products have been tested and have been able to pass the high standards in terms of product excellence.


The Best Hair Loss Products




 (The Top Consumer Reviews List)

Provillus: This is one of the leading natural hair loss products in the market today. It promises to grow hair and even to prevent further hair loss. This product works for both men and women though there are different formulations for each gender group.


Provillus for men works by blocking DHT production while the one for women provides scalp nutrition in order to repair damaged and dead hair follicles. This hair loss product is in capsule form and can be taken twice daily together with your meals. Provillus focuses on nourishment from the inside out.


Profollica: This gender-friendly hair loss solution kit promises to promote hair growth, to strengthen hair, and prevent further loss of hair. Its manufacturer states that you can purchase it even without a doctor’s prescription.


Do you have color-treated hair? Profollica is also safe to use just as it is safe for both genders and all hair textures. This hair loss product is cheap, has no known side effects and more than 85% of users testify that they observed great results with the product.


Procerin: Among the most helpful hair loss products, this is one of those that offer solutions in part. Procerin is a two-part hair loss solution that promotes hair regrowth. It has saw palmetto and other potent ingredients which help block the production of DHT. In the process, male pattern baldness is slowly resolved. So if you have long looked for the best hair loss products for men, Procerin is definitely one of them.


Vanarex: This FDA-approved topical formula contains 5% Minoxidil and is now one of the fastest-selling hair loss products for men. Minoxidil is a known vasodilator medication but it is more renown for its use in hampering hair loss. Its inactive ingredients are propylene glycol, alcohol and purified water.


Vanarex promises to stimulate hair follicle cellular activity as well as its structure. Taken as an oral herbal capsule, it provides essential vitamins which can help block the production of DHT. The Vanarex shampoo, on the other hand, removes pollutants and sebum from the scalp.


Regrow Plus: One of the leading thinning hair products today, it is unique because it comes in liquid form that is added to your favorite beverage such as juice or tea. Regrow Plus promotes the growth of healthier hair and nails. The product does this by encouraging normal blood circulation and supply to the hair follicle. It also improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods.


Sephren: Among the hair loss products for women, Sephren is one of the most lauded because of its all-natural, two-part hair grower system. It is FDA-lab certified and so it does not come with any harmful side effects.


Sephren is a topical foam product that needs to be applied to the affected area daily. Also, there are two supplements that come with the foam in order to optimize this product’s result. Depending on person’s body chemistry, results may vary, but majority of female consumers can attest that Sephren is one of the few hair loss products for women that have added a significant percentage of new hair on their head.


Hair Max MD: Among the hair loss products in the market, Hair Max MD is one of those that claim to have stopped hair loss. It comes in both male and female tonics which can successfully stimulate hair growth, provide protection from further hair loss and even repair damaged follicles.


Now there is no need to suffer from ridicule as DHT can now be effectively blocked by this tonic. Hair Max MD is chemical-free and a hundred-percent natural hair loss product; and since it comes in serum form, the scalp is known to better absorb the formula.


Propecia (Finasteride): Propecia is probably one of the most admired – if not the most popular –  hair loss products in the world today. This product is miles ahead of its competitors because of the five-year clinical studies which reported success in many male participants. The patients reported hair regrowth, slowed hair loss and diminished bald spots. Also, these men saw results in as little as six months of continued use.


Propecia works by stopping male pattern baldness by inhibiting the production of DHT and it effectively does this as millions have already confirmed their satisfaction with the product.


The generic equivalent for Propecia is Finasteride which also happens to be the active ingredient of this hair loss product. Finasteride is known to effectively improve hair follicle shrinkage as it also offers visible hair growth in just a few months.


Propecia is administered in tablet form (1mg per dosage) and as was reported by MediLexicon, 83% of patients who have taken the product have noticed an improvement with their male pattern baldness. After a year of consistent treatment, there were even those who have already grown thicker hair.


Other Leading Hair Loss Products: Other names that were mentioned in the Top Consumer Reviews list were Nisim Biofactors, Advecia, Profinast and Scalp Med.  Coupled with an improved diet and drinking lots of water, most of these products greatly improve blood circulation and the overall health of one’s scalp. After all, these days, hair loss solutions are no longer just mere hair cleansers, shampoos or conditioners. Now there are serums, vitamin-enriched capsules and supplements that can hasten the only result that people with thinning hair want – hair regrowth.



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